Can Kship still host my web site if with another host? Kship recommends that our customers use our hosting services for e-mail, web, and domain if all... How do I Find out more about using Front Page? How do I add/edit/modify email accounts? In order to add/edit/modify anything associated with your email accounts you will need to log... How do I create sub-directories within my Website? You can create specific sub-directories using FTP programs or using the file manager from within... How do I find the IP address of my site? We incorporate virtual hosting for our web sites.  You do not have a unique IP address for... What can my file names be? File names can be any name up to 254 characters in length.  Special symbols are not allowed.... What if my account is suspended? If your hosting account gets suspended it means our billing system was unable to bill your credit... What name should I use for my "Homepage"? default.htm is the default name for a "homepage".  You can also use index.php,... What software are your web servers running? We run a variety of server software using Linux operating system. Where do I put my web files? The web files should be placed in the public_html folder. You can use any directory structure you... Where do I register with search engines? Most search engine sites allow web site registration on their web sites.  There are also... Who can move my web site files to Kship's Web Server? You, your Web Developer, or we can transfer all of your files.
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